Why Responsive Web Design is Important for Your Site

Responsive web design means that your website is easily and beautifully viewable on any size screen, and any device from smart phones to tablets and laptops.  By using some clever code and nice design work, we can build your website to react to all screen sizes, and resize the content to fit appropriately.

Customers do not want to be viewing a site on a mobile to find that the whole site loads poorly, or that the text is too small to read.  They want to be able to read and purchase the items they want, or research your services with ease.  Responsive web design allows them to do just that!

Ordinary websites load on some screens as the full desktop version of a website, where text ends up too small to read, links are too small to click on and the images are distorted.  This can make the reading experience annoying for your clients, and the only way round this is to use responsive web design.