Specialist Web Design Services for Schools

There are web design companies who will be able to whip up a brand new website for any business, with some specialising in certain industries.  One industry which you do need to have a specialist web designer in is the education sector.  Being such a large industry, there are specialist designers in this area.

One of our favourite school website design companies is called FSE design.  They are based in Northamptonshire and offer a comprehensive school website design service, where you can have the entire site redesigned to suit your branding and ethos.  With school websites, there are often set pages which are required, such as calendar of term dates, any policy documents you need to share with the public along with private log in areas for staff and students to access outside of school.

A professional school website will always give off the correct appeal for the school and set it in the best light.  It is important that prospective parents and students get a good feeling about the school before they visit and decide to apply.

School websites should feature clear design patterns which tie in with the colour scheme and branding of the school, preferably also with the logo and or motto of the school.  Any photos of students will need to have permission to be featured on the site, which is another area the professional web designers have experience in – privacy is very important when dealing with school age children!

Other services a school website designer might offer include designing apps for the school to use on mobile devices, such as those which allow parents to communicate easily with teachers, or to set home learning for students.  Mobile and tablet apps are becoming very popular for schools to use, as they allow staff to communicate with families in a quick and simple way, instead of relying on sending letters home with students (which can easily get lost or damaged!).  Prospectus brochures can also be added onto school websites, saving printing out hard copies and using lots of paper.  This is a more environmentally friendly approach, which can often appeal to families in the modern world.

Next time you are looking for a specialist school website design company, make sure you give FSE Design a call – they are certainly the pros when it comes to understanding what is required of school sites, and how best to achieve the perfect website on what is often a limited budget.