Creating Good Web Content

When you have a website, it is important that you regularly update the content; be that different stock if it is a shop, or blog posts/articles if you are a general website.  These send signals to Google and other search engines that your website is functioning and active, which is good from an SEO point of view.  It is no good just posting any old rubbish though, put some thought into your posts and you will reap the benefits!

Content should always look nice.  Make sure that your font is clear and easy to read.  If readers struggle with your text, they are likely to leave the site and not bother again.  Make sure that the contrast between the text and the background isn’t too bright – very light text on a very dark background can be very challenging on the eyes!

Break up your words into paragraphs, or use bullet points to separate out chunks of text.  It is harder to read on a screen, so breaking up the text will help the reader to keep their place and read comfortably.  If you can, add in some images to break up the space on the page too.

Link internally to other pages on your site which are relevant – this is good for customer retention, as when a customer is reading a piece about a particular service, if you link to a similar service, they are more likely to look into that and possibly buy it!