Content Management Systems: Which Ones Are The Best?

A content management system is a platform for building a website on.  Rather than relying on just writing lines of code onto a blank screen, a CMS allows you to build a site with less coding knowledge, using built in functions and plugins.  Some common CMS are WordPress and Magento.  Here we look at the two and decide which one is best!

WordPress: One of the most widely used content management systems out there, WordPress is ideal for those with less code knowledge.  It has millions of built in themes, plugins and tools to help you build a fantastic website really easily.  You can create unique designs, coupled with high functionality features to make your site work well.

Magento: The best e-commerce CMS out now, Magento allows you to build a sophisticated shop online, with brilliant backend organisational tools to help you with stock control, inventory, invoicing and more.  It is easy to use and can help you to build a fully functional shop on the internet.